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Visa Options For Athletes

In these days of “extreme vetting,” entering the United States as a business visitor (B visa or Visa Waiver status, with an ESTA approval) can have its hazards – especially for athletes who need to enter the United States quickly and have no time to spare. [Link to blog on extreme vetting: http://www.globalimmigrationblog.com/2017/05/state-department-proposes-supplemental-questions-for-visa-applicants/ ] Earlier this … Continue Reading

How Can Foreign Professional Athletes Stay in the United States When the Arena Goes Dark on Their Career?

Consider the following hypothetical drawn from a real world example of a professional hockey player. Devon was a Canadian professional hockey player in the NHL. He entered the NHL as a first round draft pick in the 2000 Entry Draft. Devon spent 10 seasons playing in the NHL where he developed as a defensive role … Continue Reading